A table for Two

Forty years ago today, we set out on a journey together as husband and wife. A few years later , the ‘table for two’ became 3 then 4 then 5. A decade and a half later (ish) two flew the coupe then a few years later our baby left the roost.

Over the following years additions to the families of our precious offspring eventually increased the number of ‘arrows in our quiver’ to 13! We look forward to a gathering of this precious group very soon but today on the day of our 40th wedding anniversary, it’s a lakeside table for two (even dusted off the wedding china!)

Side note: We planned to eat our yummy dinner of blue cheese encrusted tenderloin and strawberry pecan salad in the porch then decided the outdoor photo would be more impressive. The temperature went from 25 C to 30 something in the short time we prepped dinner! We ended up wimping out and retreated to enjoy the view from the cool air conditioning inside our little house on the lake.

Loving life together!

Fuzzy Goslings

It’s not that we dislike the geese on our lawn, it’s because of what they leave behind that motivates us to find ways to keep them away. However, moms and dads with wee ones are just too cute to ban or separate. (No political comment intended.)

Sibling rivalry.
Snack time.

The back light of late day sun gave the goslings a a sweet glow.

Waters flow

With sorrow I share that last week we suddenly and tragically lost my husband’s nephew at the age of 26. Buddy spent time around the docks of our seaplane base off and on from the time he was a toddler. He started his flying career with us in 2004 and was back to work for us this summer. He was a gentle soul with a dimpled grin and quick wit, and he was an excellent pilot.
passing rains
My tears fall and mix with the summer rains.
Like the rain the sadness comes in varying volume, randomly; sometimes sudden, tumultuous; sometimes softly, gently.
Like the rain the sadness passes. The sun returns with warmth and light. I go on, stronger.


This precious little person lights up my life! Happy Birthday, sweetie!
precious three

family love

Ontario celebrates Family Day today with a holiday while we celebrate the addition of a precious grand daughter to our family.
Macy, you are a delight! My heart can hardly contain the love I feel for you, your big sister, Baylee and your mommy and daddy! XOX
newborn grasp

backlit daffodil boquet

Happy Mother’s Day!
I am so blessed to have a precious mother and mother-in-law. These two women are fantastic role models; wives of 55 and 56 years, respectively. I’m so glad they are in my life and in the lives of my children and grandchildren!
And I am also SO thankful for my very special daughters and daughter-in-law that are loving mothers (and aunt) to my beautiful grandchildren. To Krista and Caralyn and Jo, I send my love.
Daffodils in my garden backlit by the setting sun.

Cousins Connecting

Nearly a year in the planning, our Greaves family reunion took place this past week end in Thunder Bay. We had beauiful weather for the gathering of Brad’s Dad’s siblings and their offspring (four generations). Halle and Zachary, below, are 2nd cousins once removed and live 45oo km apart. They were discussing what they were planning to wear for the fancy dinner that night.