Every Which Way But Loose

A couple of times a year, I have the pleasure of quilting with women from all over our area. In early February such an event occurred in my home town (a semi-annual retreat we organize). A couple of my visiting friends were working on versions of a free form log cabin block quilt. The pattern was from a 2006 edition of McCall’s Quilting and is called “Pastel Parfait”.  I was intrigued enough to set aside other projects on my ‘to do’ list and give it a try. This is what the quilt was supposed to look like:

It wasn’t this quilt that I wanted to make but the way it was made that I needed to try. Stacks of squares are roughly cut then rounds are shuffled to mix them up.

My version began with smaller squares using a ‘layer cake’ of 10 1/2″ batiks rather than 17″ blocks. I also reduced the number of rounds in the block to three from four. I worked up 3 sets of 4 fabrics to make 12 co-ordinating log cabin blocks. The finished mini quilt is 18″ x 24″ and will be up for sale in the Sunset Country Quilt Guild mini quilt silent auction at the Quilt Show April 28, 29, 2018.