June moon at dawn

The June ‘super moon’ was setting as we rose for work this morning. It may not look like a super moon but by the time it dropped to the horizon, the sun had brightened the sky so much the moon faded completely from view. I’ll share a few shots of it rising in my next post.

September 2012 desktop

Ah, the crisp fall morning; mist dancing on the water chased by the promise of warm daytime sun.

For specific screen resolutions, go here.

de Havilland Beaver C-GZBR at Ignace Outposts’ Hilltop Lake cabin.

feather clouds

These delicate strokes of high altitude ice crystals are part of the cirrus family of clouds also known as mare’s tails. Here’s a cool resource for all things cloud.
Not only were we treated to these clouds at sunset, but the lake was calm!
Calm is a rare treat here at the water’s edge.
Calm is my camera’s friend.
(So is Photoshop – not so nice blue barrel in lower left corner…didn’t notice that when I was shooting…will have to move that next time.)
Very basic but important photo tip: Look for distractions in the entire frame and adjust the angle or zoom accordingly or, if possible, remove the unwanted item(s). It may be easier to do at the time of the shot than in post=processing.

Here’s the view from my neighbour’s beach.

june moon

Still tying to figure out how to capture that beautiful full moon.

May 2012

Spring is marked by the return of certain birds. For us, at Ignace Airways & Outposts, the return of our DeHavilland Beaver and Otter means the summer/fishing season is underway! Back by popular demand is the image of Brad landing the Beaver on Agimak Lake. DIfferent screen resolutions can be found here.