July 2015

Fireworks are part of of every Canada Day (July 1) celebration. I love that some flowers look like fireworks when in full bloom. Here are some to enjoy this month.

free desktop calendar July 2015_1440x900

These wildflowers are blue-bead lilies named for the blue fruit that remains on the stem after the blossoms have died off. They are not poisonous but also not very tasty.

My apologies to those of you who were looking for the calendar before it was up. I’ve been delightfully distracted by the first time gathering of all 6 of our grandkids. 🙂

happy growing family

Happy Anniversaries

There will be lots of fireworks going off both in Canada and in the USA this week. Enjoy the shows! And if you want to try to capture some of the bright lights, check out this great article. You might just want to sign up for the Digital Photography School weekly newsletter. It’s full of great articles with photo taking and post processing tips and gear reviews.

We had our own little ‘shoot’ last night. Happy Anniversary, Scott and Krista!

fireworks over agimak lake

(By the way, I found the above mentioned article this morning so I’m looking forward to capturing our municipal display tonight. I’m going to try tip#15 for sure. Grabbing my tripod, remote shutter and bug jacket….)

celebrate freedom

We are thankful to live in a free county adjacent to another, the US of A! Cheers to our American neighbours.
Fireworks join the bright light of a near full moon in a clear July sky over Agimak Lake in Ignace, Ontario.
We had a great vantage point in our bug free screen porch. (If you look closely, you can just see the mesh of the screen in the image.)
I hadn’t yet familiarized myself with the longer shutter speed settings on the new camera (Canon 7D) so the resulting images ranged from almost black to so bright it looked like mid day! L should have it figured out by next year’s show…