Water wings

The quiet at our lake shore was disrupted the other day by a female merganser and chicks playing a game of catch-me-if-you-can. In order to not fall behind mom too far, the chicks actually lift their feet right out of the water paddle-wheel style which makes a fair bit of splashing.

If you look closely in the above image at the 3rd last chick in the line, you’ll see how high they are able to lift their feet out of the water to stroke.

Just as the chicks catch up, mom starts to pick up speed again.

She slips into the shadow and creates an interesting wake as she leaps ahead.

Her wake morphs into what looks like watery wings on her back!

the other beaver

Most of you know when I talk about the pictures I take of the Beaver I am referring to the kind that flies, that was built by de Havialland Canada and most likely is the yellow one on floats we own (G-GZBR). This time I am sharing a shot I got of the other kind of beaver, the furry, swimming, ambitious rodent.
While out calling moose this fall… Perhaps a little explanation might be useful here: Brad & I trek into the ‘bush’ on a calm, crisp fall afternoon he with a fiberglass bugle-looking horn and me with my camera gear. We hunker down along the edge of a clearing or pond several car lengths apart, then Brad moans and grunts through the horn hoping to convince a bull moose that a love-sick cow moose is ready and waiting. Then we wait and wait and listen and wait some more. Although this day Brad was successful in immediately getting an audible response (loud crashing of antlers in the trees), the bull refused to come out of hiding. The activity caught the attention of a beaver who appeared from out of his lodge across the pond and floated toward me then across in front of Brad just down shore then back again. He zig-zagged several times getting closer each time. We didn’t appear to be a love-sick moose or any kind of threat so he simply returned home to reassure his family everything was fine.You can see by the ripples on the water, he had come from the right and turned sharply to look me straight in the eye.He sat so perfectly still while I took the picture I was able to get a nice crisp shot. I think he was trying to get a good sniff of me, too!

rippled reflection

Ah, such a beautiful sunset reflecting on the surface of Agimak Lake…

Oh, no! Something has disturbed the water!

Panning slightly to the left…Lindor!!

Okay. Let’s play.