Call of the Wild

Have you ever heard such a sound?

I first heard this noise a few years ago, while picking blueberries. It was not as close or clear as this cry so didn’t really bother me; just peaked my curiosity. This call, however, had me unsettled. This was in my backyard, after-al! I was certain a bobcat or lynx was entangled in some brush.

While hubby and I set off to follow the sound, my wise biologist friend (I keep on speed dial) informed me it was the ‘bark’ of a fox! Indeed, we caught sight of the fox pacing along a ridge of dirt just inside the treeline. It’s possible he/she was looking for date, staking territory or calling the kits in for bedtime.

My folks who lived here previously said they often saw and heard fox near their house seemingly wanting but avoiding engagement with their Husky. Our big, silver/brown Lab was not at all interested in join us on our search for the source of the bark. He offered to stay home and protect his food dish.

Happy and Handsome

Our Silver Lab, Mac had a great time with us at camp this week. He did a lot of fetching and a lot of swimming; often at the same time ­čśë

During one of his breaks, he calmly posed on the dock for me. (Note my shadow in the foreground as I snapped a test shot.)

What a beautiful boy!

For the record, Mac was not my only happy and handsome boy at camp. (Love you, too, Brad)

Happy dance

It’s summer!!

Our daughter’s Vizsla loves to try and catch droplets of water kicked up by the kids. I took dozens of burst images to capture some of his crazy contortions. This was my favourite.

Leaping Lab

We had some friends join us for an afternoon at the beach. Their Lab, Rocky provided great entertainment as he gleefully enjoyed the cold water.

I love how his tail curls in the same direction as his wake and the splash under his chin completes a half heart shape of white.

Boy, can this boy jump!


Thanks for the memories

Our precious furry friend, Lindor slid quietly from us forever yesterday. He was 13 and his health had been in gradual decline over the last year or so.

Followers of my blog have seen him often in my posts as he was my constant companion. Usually on photo shoots, he stole the spotlight and either messed up my shot or created a hilarious diversion. Here are a few: Long-suffering Lindor, Ripple Reflection, Sparkle, Dance at DawnK9 Bath and my favourite Play with Me.

It seems fitting that he left us when there was still snow on the ground. He loved the snow and would seek out to ‘bathe’ in the smallest remnants of winter as spring moved in. His memory will warm us for seasons to come.



Have I mentioned Lindor loves the snow? ┬áThe deeper and further he has to search for his ball, the happier he seems to be! ┬áSometimes, he has a little difficulty locating it and after nosing around a bit he will look back at me as if to say, ÔÇťAm I close?”

He is actually pretty good at understanding the directions I give. ┬áThen we do it again..and againÔÇŽand againÔÇŽ.. ┬áSilly brown dog!