Happy and Handsome

Our Silver Lab, Mac had a great time with us at camp this week. He did a lot of fetching and a lot of swimming; often at the same time ­čśë

During one of his breaks, he calmly posed on the dock for me. (Note my shadow in the foreground as I snapped a test shot.)

What a beautiful boy!

For the record, Mac was not my only happy and handsome boy at camp. (Love you, too, Brad)

Happy dance

It’s summer!!

Our daughter’s Vizsla loves to try and catch droplets of water kicked up by the kids. I took dozens of burst images to capture some of his crazy contortions. This was my favourite.

Leaping Lab

We had some friends join us for an afternoon at the beach. Their Lab, Rocky provided great entertainment as he gleefully enjoyed the cold water.

I love how his tail curls in the same direction as his wake and the splash under his chin completes a half heart shape of white.

Boy, can this boy jump!



Have I mentioned Lindor loves the snow? ┬áThe deeper and further he has to search for his ball, the happier he seems to be! ┬áSometimes, he has a little difficulty locating it and after nosing around a bit he will look back at me as if to say, ÔÇťAm I close?”

He is actually pretty good at understanding the directions I give. ┬áThen we do it again..and againÔÇŽand againÔÇŽ.. ┬áSilly brown dog!

Normally, when out with my camera, I have one companion along – 
Lindor, our chocolate lab.
This particular night when the ice was on its way out…
directly behind me, waiting for another ball toss…
Jersey and Lindor.

Run Silent

Sled dogs are known for two things –
making a lot of noise
and running.

Did you know when they run
they are silent?!

Run Silent is a local business that offers half, full and multi-day guided dogsled expeditions.

The quiet ride is exhilarating!