Going, going, gone

It was fascinating (see previous post) to watch the sharp lines of frost morph into droplets which found each other, growing until too big to remain on the branch.

Gentle melt

What I thought was frost-encrusted pussy willow turned out to be alder buds!
As the sun chased away the shadows it gently melted the delicate spikes of ice.


Thankfully, I have no spring allergies. I feel for those of you who do. Just think, tho’, if spring came early, it will likely leave early, too. 🙂I was surpeised to see shades of pink, orange and green in the tiny pods of pollen!

Showy entrance

I have no idea what type of tree this is. I don’t recall ever seeing this around us in NW Ontario. We were returning from a business trip to Minneapolis MN and stopped for dinner in Forest Lake MN. These delicate seed strings were swaying ever so gently in the setting sun like hula skirts at a luau.