Thanks for the memories

Our precious furry friend, Lindor slid quietly from us forever yesterday. He was 13 and his health had been in gradual decline over the last year or so.

Followers of my blog have seen him often in my posts as he was my constant companion. Usually on photo shoots, he stole the spotlight and either messed up my shot or created a hilarious diversion. Here are a few: Long-suffering Lindor, Ripple Reflection, Sparkle, Dance at DawnK9 Bath and my favourite Play with Me.

It seems fitting that he left us when there was still snow on the ground. He loved the snow and would seek out to ‘bathe’ in the smallest remnants of winter as spring moved in. His memory will warm us for seasons to come.


9 thoughts on “Thanks for the memories

  1. So sorry for your loss Karen. What a beautiful, loving, loyal friend. I feel your loss.
    Take care of yourself. With sympathy,


  2. Karen: Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos. So sad for your loss…but thankful for great reminders of things in life money can’t buy.

    Love, Auntie Mi and Uncle Denny


  3. Sure going to miss him when we pull up to your office, we always looked forward to seeing him.
    I’m sure you have many great memories of him.


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