It’s July – Celebrate!

July could be considered the month of fireworks in North America as both Canada on the 1st and the United States on the 4th celebrate anniversaries of their formation as countries. This year will mark 150 years for Canada!

Where ever and when ever you enjoy lights in the sky this month do so responsibly.



To long summer days – June 2017

The more daylight we have the slower the sun seems to set. Happy summer.

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Setting sun

free desktop calendar November 2016_1600x900

It’s always bittersweet for us to have summer come to the end. Because we work seasonally, the 7 days per week, from late spring to mid fall gets tiring and the slower pace of the off season is a welcome change. However we are sad to lose warm, sunny days to cooler, damp, shorter ones.

We are thankful to be living this life and take pleasure in each day at the lake.

June 2016 Desktop Calendar

In celebration of the month with the longest day (and in our parts long, lingering sunsets). I’ve chosen one of my favourite sunset shots from one of my favourite sunset spots – Irene Lake.

free desktop calendar June 2016_1600x900

Happy summer solstice, my friends!

Sunset Country Sky Calendar

The area in which I live has been designated by our provincial tourism body as “Sunset Country”.  We regularly get spectacular vistas throughout the year. Of course, those over the water are most beautiful because of the duplication created in the reflection. Part of my daily routine includes checking the west sky for colour as the sun dips below the horizon. Last June we were treated to one of the most colourful skies I have seen. The processors in my camera had difficulty dealing with the vibrant hues.

So, here is a desktop calendar for you to download and enjoy. For different screen resolutions, drop down the Free Calendar menu for June 2014.

free desktop calendar june 2014_1440x900

radiant sunset

The other evening, the air was crisp and clear, the sky clear blue and the water calm. The lake called me out from the shore. I’m glad I answered the call.

radiant sunset.jpgTo get the star light glow of the setting sun, I set the f-stop as deep (or wide – I never am sure of the technical description) as I dared (f29) and shot when the sun was brightest poking through the pine bows. I was driving the motor boat alone as I shot so I cruised as low as possible past this point of land several times to capture the sun before it disappeared over the horizon.


night light

There are so many beautiful sights in nature during our summer months. It’s difficult to pick favourites but reflections of the moonlight in a lake surface is definitely one of my top ten. Whether glass calm water mirrors the light or a light chop causes the light to dance, it provokes wonder in me.

In my constant hunt for an exceptional moon rise shot and with my trusty The Photographer’s Ephemeris application (which I discussed in this post), I headed out to Raleigh Lake just west of Ignace to scout a location in advance of the May full moon. I was delighted to find a little island between shorelines. The moon was scheduled to rise 40 minutes before  sunset so I knew the moon wouldn’t be very bright in the still lit sky. Sure enough, it rose where I expected and was quite faint. I was still pleased with the angle and foreground/water. Here’s a resulting shot.

moon rise at Raleigh-20130523-6916.jpg

Do you see the moon? Here’s a closer look.

moon rise at Raleigh-20130523-6918.jpg

The schedule for the following day, Friday, May 25 was full moon at 23:24; moonrise at 20:35; sunset at 20:55. The conditions would be better for a brighter moon on the horizon. I brought along a friend and a couple of flashlights so we could help each other find our way back in the pending darkness. Thankfully, the sky was clear (again), the bugs tolerable and the water calm. It was worth the wait!
Here it comes!
moon rise over Raleigh-20130524-6961.jpg

moon rise over raleigh-20130524-6968.jpg

What a night! Could it get better? In a way it did. Take a close look at the moon reflection in the image I selected and brightened for my July desktop calendar.

free desktop calendar July 2013 1440x900
The ripples were a result of a fish surfacing for a snack.

For specific screen resolutions of the calendar, drop down the Free Calendar tab at the top of the page or click here.

PS It was only a few days ago that an observant follower of my blog discovered that I had 31 days on my June desktop calendar! Oops. Sorry about that.