Summer solitude

free desktop calendar June 2015_1600x900

There’s nothing quite like the quiet of a calm, isolated island or lake; so much more enjoyable on a warm summer day. We haven’t had many days of warmth here yet, but I’m certain we’ll get a few before fall…

Different screen resolutions are available on the June 2015 page of the Free Calendar drop down list. Happy summer!

Feb 2014

I can hardly wait to turn the page on the calendar hoping the conditions in my environment ease up. I can hardly remember a colder, windier winter. Am I getting soft in ‘my old age’? Whatever. It’s been COLD!

I’ve mentioned before how wind is not my camera’s friend. It’s challenging enough to get still subjects in crisp focus! I realize there is potential for artistic shots with movement and all but sub-zero wind chill is not anything I wish to endure for that opportunity. So, having not been out with my camera all but one day this past month (see previous post), I looked back into my digital library for an image to serve as backdrop for this month’s calendar. Happy February. ❤

free desktop calendar February 2014_1440x900For specific screen resolutions, you can select February 2014 from the Free Calendar drop down list on the menu bar above.


May moon

full may moon
This shot was taken a couple of ‘moons’ ago. The leaves were not yet on the trees.

New Life

Happy Easter! Christ the Lord is Risen! Alleluia!
Spring is such a fabulous season. The earth is reborn after harsh cold and long nights. New life bursts forth – some years sooner than others! These pussy willows were photographed last year on March 19. We’ll be lucky to see them this year by April 19! As I post, snows are blowing again.
free desktop calendar april 2013 1440x900
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frozen bubbles

Where a branch dips into the flowing water, ice builds up. Snow piles on top and unusual formations take shape.
This shot was taken at 1/320 of a second and freeze some but not all of the foaming water.frozen bubbles
I look forward to returning to this creek with my tripod and more time to play with the capture of liquid and solid.

over under

Water cascades over rocks in the creek glazing them as temperatures hover around the freezing point.