Fuzzy Goslings

It’s not that we dislike the geese on our lawn, it’s because of what they leave behind that motivates us to find ways to keep them away. However, moms and dads with wee ones are just too cute to ban or separate. (No political comment intended.)

Sibling rivalry.
Snack time.

The back light of late day sun gave the goslings a a sweet glow.

July 2016 – geese

In celebration of Canada Day and family vacation…

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goose family 2012 edition

It appears that our resident pair of Canada Geese have the same sized family as last season. Do you count 6 goslings?

Family time

The Canada geese (goose?) family is back – a smaller one than last year; only three goslings.

The hatch was later than last year.  Checking back to photos from the same day last year, the young were significantly bigger.