Canvas wrap prints can be ordered for any of my images. Here are some I have selected and had printed for sale. If there is an image on my site not featured here that you might like printed, please let me know.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars and do not include shipping. Contact me for alternate sizes or more information.

16″ x 16″ $150

18″ x 12″ $150

24″ x 18″ $200

36″ x 24″ $250

Light at the end
Light at the end
Raleigh Falls
Raleigh Falls in Autumn
frosted birch grove

Aurora over Sandbar Lake
Sandbar Aurora

Milky Way at end of dock
Front row for the late show
coneflower visitor
greasin’ it on
on the step
white water lily reflection
kayak sunset
kayak sunset
gilded grasses
frosted feather

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