May 2017: Blossoms

Our recent precipitation has been snow flurries and freezing rain but we hold to the promise that even these April showers will bring May flowers.

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first flowers

Leatherleaf appears as first forest flowers of spring in my backyard! These delicate little blossoms are very similar in shape to blueberry blossoms. They differ in their arrangement on the branch, however, strung like patio lights.

emerging blue

It may only have been an hour from the first grey, foggy shot (see previous posts) to the clear blue skies (posts to follow) of this particular morning. I hardly knew which direction to turn and shoot for all around me was in transition.

cheery, cherry blossoms

More blossom shots from BC

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Going, going, gone

It was fascinating (see previous post) to watch the sharp lines of frost morph into droplets which found each other, growing until too big to remain on the branch.

Gentle melt

What I thought was frost-encrusted pussy willow turned out to be alder buds!
As the sun chased away the shadows it gently melted the delicate spikes of ice.