August 2016 calendar

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Summer is flying by! Hope that if you haven’t already spent time on or near a body of water, you will soon.

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Nap Time

July 2016 – geese

Fox kits

I was fortunate to be able to join the Dryden Camera Club on a field trip to see some fox kit peeking

They were a little shy at first but then went about their way with the occasional look our way.

fox kit in opening to den

fox kit

fox kit looking over shoulder

Soo cute!!


Occasionally, we hear a whole lot of caw-cawing out on the point. This typically means there is a treat to the crows, their young or their dinner. This time the threat was an eagle. Two crows took turns dive bombing the eagle.


Here’s a sequence of shots as one crow goes vertical.






what the dew can do

Magnifying bubble


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