Call of the Wild

Have you ever heard such a sound?

I first heard this noise a few years ago, while picking blueberries. It was not as close or clear as this cry so didn’t really bother me; just peaked my curiosity. This call, however, had me unsettled. This was in my backyard, after-al! I was certain a bobcat or lynx was entangled in some brush.

While hubby and I set off to follow the sound, my wise biologist friend (I keep on speed dial) informed me it was the ‘bark’ of a fox! Indeed, we caught sight of the fox pacing along a ridge of dirt just inside the treeline. It’s possible he/she was looking for date, staking territory or calling the kits in for bedtime.

My folks who lived here previously said they often saw and heard fox near their house seemingly wanting but avoiding engagement with their Husky. Our big, silver/brown Lab was not at all interested in join us on our search for the source of the bark. He offered to stay home and protect his food dish.

Fox kits

I was fortunate to be able to join the Dryden Camera Club on a field trip to see some fox kit peeking

They were a little shy at first but then went about their way with the occasional look our way.

fox kit in opening to den

fox kit

fox kit looking over shoulder

Soo cute!!

Wanna play?

The other morning we spotted a pair of foxes interacting with black birds on the frozen lake in front of our house. I quickly grabbed my DSLR and longest lense, dressed for the cold and snuck outside. I planted my elbow on the top of a snowbank to stabilize the camera looking very much like a sharpshooter I imagine. It was such fun to watch them play; tag, I’m guessing.

fox sneaking up on birds

fox chasing birds

foxes at play

foxes at play in the snow

fox chasing fox in the snow

fox in the snow looking

He got away. Wanna play?

You watchin’ me?

Our fresh water delivery guy and good friend, Randy Winters, spotted the curled up ball of Red Fox out on the lake in front of our home.
It was napping in the shelter of our break wall and a large pine.

I tried sneaking out for some pictures and watched the furry critter quickly disappear into what must be a den (or safe hole) under our dock. I’ll have to watch for a re-appearance.
I’m surprised Lindor, our big brown lab, hasn’t be too noisy a neighbour!