Candied Apples

Crab apples on our tree take on the look of having been ‘candied’ as cold, moist air crystallizes on the dimpled surfaces of the fruit. Hoar frost adds a lacy edge to the stems for an added touch of decoration. Although the air felt completely still, it’s imperceptible movement is revealed by the direction the crystal arrows point.

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December red and white

When the snow comes all fresh and pure, our vistas are transformed mostly to crisp black and white. The bright greens, reds and golds of fall foliage are gone and the pines and spruce seem to desaturate. Moving water in the creeks turns a blue as dark as a starless night sky. Scenes are stunning in their contrast.

But every now and then, tiny pops of colour burst.

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We’ve almost used up all of last year’s wild blueberries from the freezer.  I’m thankful to find wild blueberry blossoms in my yard indicating a bountiful harvest come.  Yum!




Three years ago today, we celebrated more than Canada’s Birthday.

Our daughter, Krista married her sweetheart, Scott in a uniquely Canadian way.

Great Canadian Beaver limo

Krista, Zachary and Scott

Dinner on the shores of Agimak Lake included local, fresh walleye and wild blueberry cheesecake.
Pretty Canadian, eh?