Hello 2018

Happy 2018! We experienced one of the coldest Christmases in several decades. I trust your holiday time was warmed by being surrounded with those you hold most dear as we were.

May you have courage to face the challenges ahead in 2018 and a heart open to appreciate your blessings.

I {heart} hearts

branches covered in frozen bubbles shaped in a heart

This fall just as the lake was beginning to freeze over, a couple of branches collected frozen bubbles and formed a heart!

Last spring, I almost stepped on to this frosty heart just outside the door to our garage.

heart of frost

And I noticed this heart in a birch tree late last summer.

heart in a birch tree

To me these are little messages of love from my Heavenly Father.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


November 2013 desktop

Sigh. The last few months of my digital life journey have been full of speed bumps and detours. Equipment failure and replacement has had me scrambling to maintain a grasp of where all the bits and bytes of my digital data exist while hard drives and backups seem to play a cruel shell game. Meanwhile, from every side, messages about having a gratitude attitude bombard me. Reminders have been popping up from some unlikely sources and have helped me gain perspective. Of course, my digital stuff is just that – stuff. ┬áLife and love, family and friends are all far more important. And I am truly blessed!

So, while my digital files play hide and seek on the assortment of drives in my possession, I offer a desktop image from the past. I think it’s one worth repeating. Thanks for understanding.


more morning magic

Morning frost clings to tips of red pine needles.
frost on red pine 1
frost on red pine sparkle

March 2013 desktop

The last couple of mornings have been magical! Heavy frost clung to everything. Brilliant sunshine danced off the lacy crystals creating a spectacular light show. Photos simply can not replicate the brilliance and intensity of such conditions. In the image below, the tiny pink dots are crystals reflecting the sunlight.
frosty glitter
I’m delighted to share with you a little bit of detail. If you would like to download the image for your desktop, you can find specific screen resolutions here.
free desktop calendar March 2013 1440x900

melt off fireweed

Wish I had been able to set up a time lapse camera for this transformation.

emerging blue

It may only have been an hour from the first grey, foggy shot (see previous posts) to the clear blue skies (posts to follow) of this particular morning. I hardly knew which direction to turn and shoot for all around me was in transition.