Winter Blue

Misty Morn

Heavy fog on a cool morning creates a natural sepia look.

In a matter of minutes the fog can dissipate and we get the most incredible blue!  (Images are straight out of the camera and no polarizing filter was used.)

Fish for dinner

Although we caught and enjoyed fish for dinner the other night, I thought you’d be much rather see these photos my friend, Amanda caught of the Heron in the creek working for and enjoying his.

Check out her complete Heron slide show on flickr to see him dine.

Touch and go

There are a number of birds that take off and land on the waters of Agimak Lake. Most frequently we see the Dehavilland Beaver and Otter.
The other day, however the tail of our Beaver was the target for a touch and go exercise for a flock of little song birds.

Tree Swallow up close.

Thanks to my good friends and bird experts, Darren & Bonnie for helping id them.

Fuzzy Ducklings

One of my favourite things about being outside with the camera set and ready is the unexpected images captured.
While hunkered down at the waters edge to photograph a visiting loon (pictures to follow), a family of ducklings drifted by within a few feet completely unaware of me.
Aren’t they adorable?