on frozen pond

As I post, the truncated 2012-13 NHL season start is still unknown. Meantime, the purest form of the game continues on ponds and lakes and rinks throughout the country.hockey puck on frozen lake

solo skater with stick and puck

Going, going, gone

It was fascinating (see previous post) to watch the sharp lines of frost morph into droplets which found each other, growing until too big to remain on the branch.

Gentle melt

What I thought was frost-encrusted pussy willow turned out to be alder buds!
As the sun chased away the shadows it gently melted the delicate spikes of ice.

Freezing point

We all know water freezes at 0 degreesĀ CelsiusĀ (32F). When the air temperature hovers at that point we can find water in both solid and liquid form.
This day the spring melt falls over a highway rock cut and builds ice at the bottom.

Liquid mirror

Agimak Lake, Ignace, Ontario

One of the things I look forward to most in spring is having the lake surface smooth like glass multiplying the beauty of our sunsets. Although the lake in front of our home is still frozen tight to the shore, where the creek runs out, there is always open water. The foreground in the image above is ice The area of open water looks larger than it is because the shadow of the far shore hides the fact that 95% of the lake is still frozen.

Black or white

It’s odd how ice can appear one or the other.This puddle in my drive way lies on gravel and has a pocket of air under it. You know the kind, the ones you smash under your feet as kids.This one was on my neighbour’s paved driveway. The less porous surface left no room for air to be captured underneath.

No doubt by the time these shots are posted today, the warmth of the sun will have transformed the solid to liquid and maybe even vapour!