December 2015 icicles

Not every freeze up or ice out is interesting but some times we get spectacular scenes. This fall freeze up provided fascinating ice formations. We had several very windy days as the temperatures dropped and ice began to build up along the shore.

day before freeze up

frozen bubbles

It was as if the bubbles themselves became solid. There were thick layers of ice on every branch, twig and leaf.

ice-encased grasses

The next morning, the wind and water were silent and still.

icicle and ice along the shoreline

free desktop calendar December 2015_1440x900

And we were treated to a beautifully decorated Christmas tree!

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September 2013

It has been a challenging month for me. My computer and I were separated for all but a few days of August! Thankfully, family visits and work kept me sane. Taking photos in the meantime held no appeal for me since I was not able to do my post processing. My new computer and I are becoming acquainted as I reconnected with my digital stuff. ┬áIt will be a while before I have retrieved all my files and folders from the external hard drive and online backups. I’m so glad I had several levels of digital storage. Where is your stuff backed up….?

Better late than never I offer a calendar for this month. For different screen resolutions, select Free Calendar from the drop down menu above.