Hit and Miss

A couple of thunderstorm systems passed just south of us just after sunset last night. Lightning and thunder played tag in the air. Between 9 pm and 10 pm I shot 87 images in attempt to capture at least one with a streak of lightning

lightning shoot thumbnails

The camera was set with my 17-50 mm at 17 mm, ISO 1600, f/2.8 and BULB so I control exposure length. I was using my Trippertrap remote shutter for the second time.

Triggertrap webpageIt works through the app on the smart phone. It has lots of great features but I really miss the feel of a button. The ‘trigger’ on the phone is a small dot at the bottom of the screen so it is difficult to find by touch. Perhaps there’s a setting for any part of the screen to set off the shutter – will have to look in to that.

Anyway, there was a lot of lightning but most was sheet lightning.  Even when I thought I was capturing a streak of lightning, the extreme brightness caused the lines blended into the overexposed sky. It was tricky to react like a trained game show contestant with a buzzer and at the same time calculate how long to leave the shutter open relative to how bright the flash of light was! But about the 65th try, I got one!

lightning streak in sky

1.0 sec, f/2.8, 17 mm, ISO 1600 with Canon EOS 7D


Up, up and away

free desktop calendar May 2015_1440x900

As I post the calendar for the upcoming months, the ice is breaking up on our lake. Within a week we should be treated to the sights and sounds of the float planes in the air again. The Cessna 206 featured in this shot taken last year, was called on quite a bit while our Otter was off line for extended periods of time. It will be nice to have our whole fleet up and running for the 2015 fishing season.

November 2012

Although this image was taken in May, it is very typical of November in my backyard.

This image and other of my favourite images are available for purchase. Information is on the “Prints” tab above.

Our aircraft have been parked on shore for the winter but we can continue to enjoy scenes of summer…

Reflection of reflection

The waxing moon is reflected off the calm water then up to the underside of the Cessna horizontal stabilizer.

Morning song

Early the other morning, headed out in the Cessna to do some camp work, we taxied by a loon.  It was unafraid and continued singing its song.  I’ve never seen them lie so low in the water.  It looked, at first, more like a beaver or otter swimming than a loon.

There was no doubt about it being a loon when it reached up to stretch in the morning sun.

Sounds of Spring

One of the very first sounds of spring on Agimak Lake
is the gull cry.
As soon as the opening at the damn begins to grow,
a flock of gulls gather.

Not long after, birds of a different feather return.