November 2013 desktop

Sigh. The last few months of my digital life journey have been full of speed bumps and detours. Equipment failure and replacement has had me scrambling to maintain a grasp of where all the bits and bytes of my digital data exist while hard drives and backups seem to play a cruel shell game. Meanwhile, from every side, messages about having a gratitude attitude bombard me. Reminders have been popping up from some unlikely sources and have helped me gain perspective. Of course, my digital stuff is just that – stuff.  Life and love, family and friends are all far more important. And I am truly blessed!

So, while my digital files play hide and seek on the assortment of drives in my possession, I offer a desktop image from the past. I think it’s one worth repeating. Thanks for understanding.


4 thoughts on “November 2013 desktop

  1. Sorry to hear of your photographic and technology hurdles Karen. Hang in there. Gotta trust that all will work out, hence re-appear. GRrrrrrr! technology. I love your November shot, its soft and fuzzy and gives me a feeling of warmth, even though my head knows its frost. Take care.


    1. Thanks Lynn.
      I have to tell you it’s been therapeutic to knit while waiting for files to transfer during restore! Love the fibres bought at Threads in Time, Thunder Bay!!


  2. Beautiful photo Karen … it makes winter look so nice. Good luck with those annoying technology troubles and we’ll see you soon ! Gwen


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