and the calendar goes to….

Joyce Dost! You can thank my iPhone’s AppBox Pro randomizer for the pick. Don’t forget the calendars are available for purchase for $10 plus shipping.
I thank you to all of you who take a the time to comment. Your thoughts so encourage and inspire me.

3 thoughts on “and the calendar goes to….

  1. Karen: We’ve been away in Muskoka for a week . We thought of you often…the fall colours are outstanding and we kept saying what a hey-day you would have with your camera. Glad someone special won the calendar!

    Hope you are not freezing in Ignace. It is already too cold for comfort in southern Ontario. Where did fall go?
    Love to you and Brad.


  2. Glad to hear you were able to savour the colours this fall. Indeed I would love to see what you saw through the lense of my camera! Some day we will have our Octobers to do just that!


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