Thanks: Since September 2008. I’ve been posting my favourite pictures of what I see around me. I love my beautiful environment and am so thankful to live and work at the waters’ edge. I am grateful as well, for the kind and encouraging comments my visitors have shared.

Giving: In celebration of my 500th post and our (Canadian) Thanksgiving Day, I am giving away a ‘hot-off-the-press’ photo calendar for 2013. To qualify, simply share below what you are thankful for this season. I’d love know, too, if there was one image I’ve posted that impacted you in some way. They are all my favourites. Which are yours? Comments posted before Oct 15, 2012 will be eligible.

Here’s a sneak peek of the calendars.

These 4×6 photo calendars are now available for purchase for $10 each plus postage. Just use the ‘contact me’ link from the menu above. Thanks!!

6 thoughts on “thanks-giving

  1. Ahh Karen, it is way too difficult to choose a favourite, your pictures are all stunningly beautiful! If I have a preference it would be because of the subject, like hazy, misty, early morning scenes. Your ‘Images from my backyard is a daily delight. Keep on shooting and sharing!


  2. Hi Karen, I am so thankful for family, good health and friends.

    I love your photos. One of my favorite morning activities is checking to see if your blog has been updated. I especially like your new feature where you explain how you have changed a photo in lightroom.


  3. January is my favorite. I am Thankful that my Grandfather had the foresight to choose such a beautiful area for his home away from home and even more Thankful that he chose to keep it in the family. Happy Thanksgiving Karen!


    1. The January image on the 2013 calendar is indeed taken at your grandfather’s property. It is such a pretty spot. It was a privilege to photograph the site for you. Enjoy your Thanksgiving next month.


  4. Hi Karen, I love all your pictures as they remind me of home. I don’t get back to Ignace and the surrounding area much so I love coming to your blog to view the seasons as they change. My favorite pictures usually involve pictres of lakes. I use your desktop photos every month and love when individuals ask me about them šŸ™‚ Happy Thanksgiving Greaves Family. I know i am a little late.


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