lower Raleigh Falls

This sequence of shots just a little down stream were taken quite late in the day. I wanted to take advantage of less light for slower shutter speeds to give me the silky water look.

6.0 sec exposure, f/8.0, ISO 320
4.0 sec exposure, f/3.2. ISO 320

I love how purple the rock in the foreground came out in the shot.

6.0 sec exposure, f/8.0 ISO 320

Photo tip: when shooting at or after sunset, be sure to have a flashlight along to find your way home!

4 thoughts on “lower Raleigh Falls

    1. Dave, Raleigh Falls is about 20 minutes drive west of Ignace on Highway 17. It runs north out of Raleigh Lake and under the Highway. There is a beautiful little picnic area there. You’ll be seeing more of this site in future posts. Next time you drive up to see us, you should check it out for yourself. Dee would love it.


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