speed bump

A recent afternoon, Brad and I headed to our Irene Lake outpost cabin to determine the work projects still remaining for the season (and relax a little away from the phone). On my stroll down the beach looking for tiny treasures of nature for my crafting (more info to come), I spotted this cottonwood daggar caterpillar on a stroll of its own. I wonder why it decided to go over instead of around the pine cone!

Photo Tip: For all my intimate landscape (close-up) images, until a add a macro to my pack, I use my largest zoom lense at maximum zoom. I can maintain a less threatening distance from the subject. With max zoom, I adjust the manual focus and then move my body to maintain focus rather than adjust the focus ring. Naturally, for still life, I would have the camera on a tripod but for subjects on the move, I prefer to fine-tune the focus with my body. Give it a try.

2 thoughts on “speed bump

  1. I hoping to preserve items like birchbark and feathers behind glass and make them into pendants. I’ve started using some of my images and they have turned out beautifully (if I do say so, myself!)


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