october 2013 desktop

Shorter days and cooler nights are upon us. With a little humidity overnight, we get some great moody moments.

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free desktop calendar october 2013 1440x900

fall mist

There are so many reasons to love fall. Clear skies seems so much bluer in the cooler air. Of course, all the vibrant shades of the rainbow are painted on the hillsides take your breath away. But one of my favourite autumn things is a calm misty morning at the lake.

fall mist at dock

September 2013

It has been a challenging month for me. My computer and I were separated for all but a few days of August! Thankfully, family visits and work kept me sane. Taking photos in the meantime held no appeal for me since I was not able to do my post processing. My new computer and I are becoming acquainted as I reconnected with my digital stuff.  It will be a while before I have retrieved all my files and folders from the external hard drive and online backups. I’m so glad I had several levels of digital storage. Where is your stuff backed up….?

Better late than never I offer a calendar for this month. For different screen resolutions, select Free Calendar from the drop down menu above.


shades of (not so) grey

Here’s a screen shot in Lightroom, before and after view, of my not so black and white misty morning image.

The saturation slider (last slider in the adjustment panel on right hand side) was moved all the way to the left removing all colour.

In Photoshop, we can look at the pixels up close. Using the colour picker tool, we can select an area of the image to see what the colour is. I hovered the eyedropper over a grey part of the image just above and to the right of the dialogue box and clicked. I tried this in a number of areas of the image with consistent results. (When I attempted a screen shot capture to share my findings, the eyedropper vanished from the screen! The image below was shot with my iPhone!)

Did you guess the hint of colour is orange? Darker shades of orange become brown and when added to an image create a sepia or aged look.

So my original image had a natural infusion of sepia!

mist at dawn

Straight out of the camera, this scene appears to be shades of black and white.

When I reduce the saturation to zero in Lightroom, any hint of colour is removed and the image looks like this:

So what is the colour that tints the original image? I took the image into PhotoShop to take a closer look. With the colour selector dialogue box open, I can use the eyedropper tool to click on an area of the image to see what colour that pixel or pixels hold. To which colour do you think the grey shades are related?


the other morning…

on the way to the vet in the next town, Lindor & I took a quick break at Jackfish Lake. The morning mist was still rising from the surface of the lake. Thankfully, I had my camera gear along (surprised?)