The boreal forest in which we live is a little shy on maples. We are still blessed to have some reds in the spectrum of fall colours as blueberry and raspberry bushes paint the underbrush. Taller foliage is mostly poplar and birch in varying shades of green to yellow. Once the winds have whisked off those leaves, tamarack allow their needles to turn thus extending the days of golden vistas.

Naturally golden

The setting sun casts a golden glow over everything. The soft yellow of the fall grasses along the shore turns metalic. No filters were added nor colour adjustment done to this image. It is straight out of the camera (SOOTC)!

Happy Canada Day

Canada Liilies abound this year. These delicate blossoms are so subtle they can easily go unnoticed. So glad to have had them pointed out to me this year (thanks, Mom!)

Speaking of wet,…

Wet has been unavoidable this summer. We have had more than our usual days of rain. Even the ducks are tired of it. Aquatic vegetation, on the other hand, is abundant.Yellow pond lily

I love the way the water looks in this shot. Do you suppose the insect’s landing caused the ripple?

Golden drops

Photographers consider a number of things in getting the images they capture for example sunrise and sunset provide the most incredible light AND always have your camera ready!
We’ve had an unusual number of rainy days this summer; cloudy, grey and wet from sun up to sundown. This day in particular just as the sun was to drop over the horizon, the sky broke. It was only a few minutes of golden glow.

Golden droplets on the screen porch