Showers and flowers

April and May respectively. I can’t wait!

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December 2012

Is there a more beautifully decorated environment than the natural one?!free desktop calendar december 2012For my aviation friends, the aircraft calendar can be found here along with screen resolutions for both images.

Swan sighting

Driving the area this time of year is such a treat.  The brilliant yellows of birch and poplar leaves burst from behind vibrant greens of the pine, spruce and cedar.  The hillsides and marshes along the Trans Canada highway are spectacular.  With camera bag along on my most recent road trip to Dryden and Kenora, I had my eyes peeled for a perfect fall landscape to capture.  As I passed the marsh where Highways 17 and 72 intersect, I caught an unmistakable flash of white among the golden reeds.  I pulled over, grabbed the camera and zoomed in … to find a trumpeter swan.

Crouched along the roadside, I watched as it’s mate appeared along with something much less obvious in the grasses!

Seven full grown but still brown young!