Eye on the sky

Living at the water’s edge offers us a large view and ‘front row seat’ to the weather systems in our area. We face east south east and systems typically move from west to east. Often we can see what’s coming from our front window. With all the technology in our palm (mobile phone), we have incredible weather stations at our fingertips to get specific details!

This afternoon we had been out and about when we noticed the dark clouds on the western horizon. The radar confirmed something menacing was headed our way.

We hurried home to shut the windows and set up to watch the ‘show’.

Thankfully, the worst of the wind and rain passed just south of us. Spectacular nonetheless!

The image above is a composite of about 5 captured in portrait orientation then merged in Photoshop. I posted a video of the sky on my Facebook page as well. Check it out and like/follow my page while you’re there. Thanks!

Happy Trails

February desktop calendar image was takenĀ along a ski trail at Sandbar Provincial Park just north of Ignace.


Specific screen resolutions can be found at the Free Calendar drop down list in the menu above.


Ice fog

Glancing out my front window today required a double take. The top of the island appeared to have been chopped right off! The layer of ice fog hung just below tree top level giving the effect of having given the island a brush cut.

I had to chuckle at God’s real version of a Photoshop technique!

First Ski

Finally, I was able to get out for my first cross country ski of the season! I could not have ordered up a more perfect day: clear sky, bright sun, -7 C air, a fresh, fluffy dusting of snow on the well-groomed trail. The route which normally would take about 45 minutes took 2 hours! Every few strides I would have to stop, take in the magical surroundings and capture some of the scene with my camera. Lindor, my faithful chocolate lab/ski partner patiently gnawed on a piece of tree or darted in and out of the bush during the delays. It was absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful.
More pictures to follow…

Here’s Looking at You

I couldn’t resist capturing this comical ‘face’ –
the spruce boughs strategically poking out.