Blue Flag Iris – May Calendar

I love wild irises for the crisp, pointy deep purple roll that unfurls to display bold, intricate veins of purple. Almost transparent, delicate edges uncurl then curl again.

Enjoy the bold purples and fresh greens of this month’s calendar image.You can find a cell phone lock screen and alternate screen resolutions here.


Misty morning colour

I’m always fascinated by shades of purple that appear in a mist being chased by the rising sun and enjoy watching the islands and far shore being uncloaked.

Alternate resolutions of the calendar are available from the Free Calendar tab of the menu. Enjoy.

Happy Summer!

Ah, summer – season of abundant and changing colours! The wildflowers along roadways take their turns throughout the months of May through August.

In June, the lupins stand tall in the ditches in our town but this year along one particular street, they were joined by columbine! Turns out a friend of mine who lives across the street there has been tossing wildflower seeds there. We can’t wait to see what will bloom next.

Sunset Country

Spring brings a spectrum of colour as flowers burst with life.

The skies around here display a spectrum as well. If you didn’t see my video on Ignace Outposts’ย YouTube channel, FaceBook or on The Weather Networkย (they insert a commercial, sorry)…

just soak in the snapshot below (straight out of the camera).

Hyacinth sweater coat

While snows still blow around us in the north, my hands and heart are happy to knit loving stitches. I purchased this sweet pattern, called Roseberry, on and the yarn in St Charles, IL. I hope it’s recipient feels my love surround her while wearing it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

roseberry coat front

roseberry back


Gardening is not my thing. In spite of me, some stuff grows in the beds around my house. I was excited this spring to see my hydrangea green up. There was hope it would actually blom this year. Well, it did – sort of…timidly.

Awe, isnโ€™t it pretty?!


I love the wild, random splashes of colour we find along the shore in summer!
And my polarizing filter! ๐Ÿ˜‰