Painted leaves

We have been enjoying some of the most colourful scenery this fall. The maples, the definite minority tree here, are bursting with more shades of green, yellow, orange and red than ever. These in particular caught my eye.

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Just because I love this so much, I made a version for my smart phone lock screen.


On an iPhone, to make this your lock screen image, save the image to your photos. Go to Settings, Wallpaper, then Choose a New Wallpaper. The image should be the most recent in All Photos. Select it, then Set. You can choose to have it as your lock screen or be the background behind all the app icons (home screen) or both. Sorry android users, you’ll have to figure yours out on your own.

Happy Fall, y’all!

Golden maple

The other day, while on a walk late in the afternoon, a particular tree caught my eye. The setting sun shone through the remain maple seeds on a neighbour’s tree. Remarkable how many seeds still clung to this maple!

Maple at dawn

This angle is the opposite of the October desktop image. If you look closely you can see the chair at the end of the dock.

Shades of maple


Although Maples are somewhat rare in our neighbourhood, the odd splattering of them delights!

Just a little fall colour

Wish this was in my backyard!  We found these beautiful maples along Lake Superior’s north shore at one of our many stops enroute from Sault Ste Marie.


We don’t have many red maples around our parts so had to capture these.