On silken pond

While chasing this sweet family of mallards for a crisp shot, I snapped as they glided through a silky surface of reflected foliage. Their wake created a mesmerizing abstract of greens and yellows.


You quack me up!

Having recently discovered a beaver dam in the creek near my home, I took a chance early one morning to photograph it in the morning air, hopefully misty morning air. Although the night had not been cold enough to create the mood, I hiked there anyway.

I was surprised and delighted to find who beat me there.

Tranquil perch

This mallard was not alone. How many do you see?

They nibbled a while then drifted downstream past me. A couple hung around and ‘quacked’ me up with their antics.



Just water off a ducks back. 😉

long suffering Lindor

While I watched, through the lense of my camera, these ducklings nap…
I heard some activity behind me, then silence.
Using my iPhone as a rear-view mirror, this is what I saw:

Sweet, ever-playful Lindor waited patiently for my attention.

surf’s up

We’ve had some wild winds stirring up Agimak Lake. The ‘kids’ love it!

Napping in the sun

This lone black duck enjoyed a restful snooze inside our bay on a unseasonably warm fall day.