The swimming hole

A walk along the river through our property is a pretty regular event. Mac, our silver lab, is usually ahead of us and often spooks up any fowl are in the river. This particular morning something startled him! There were three river otters swimming in one of the open sections of ice where the water is deeper. He wasn’t sure what to make of these buy little swimmers and wasn’t sure who was more curious of the other.

Be sure to zoom in or go full screen to watch the movement of the otters through the water. With volume max you’ll hear the sounds they made.

What are you doing in my swimming hole?!
River otter in icy water
Where are you going?

These guys just crack me up!

Trio of river otters

They are actually standing on a very thin piece of ice.

Trio of river otters in icy river

The longer they are out of the water, the fluffier they get. They dry very quickly! Who do you think has been out of the water the longest? Who was out last?

I sure hope I’ll get to watch them play again.

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