May 2014 desktop

Although we’ve had some spectacular snow days recently which I captured with my camera, I am certainly eager to look ahead to the liquid version of the lakes around me! So with memories of summers past and in anticipation of fish jumping, I offer the re-work of a moonrise shot from last summer at Raleigh Lake. Enjoy!

free desktop calendar may 2014_1440x900

Larger and specific screen resolution options are available here. For more about capturing this image last summer (in case you missed it) check out this post.

2 thoughts on “May 2014 desktop

  1. omg. karen is it ever going to thaw. im told that there is still snow in the forest. i just want to bake on the shield and feel the hot wind blowing off the lake!

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    1. It certainly has been the longest, coldest, snowiest winter I can remember. I, too, long for warm breezes and the sound of water lapping the shore! We will truly treasure every breath of warmth in Sunset Country this summer!


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