precious infant girl
We are thrilled to have a new grand daughter. She and her sister live a 2 1/2 hour drive away from me so every moment we can be together is precious!

I had the privilege recently of capturing her during a nap.

Lightroom Develop Mode


The above image has been post-processed.

When I first uploaded the RAW files, I was a saddened by the harshness of the images. The clarity emphasized a mild rash on her skin.

In Lightroom, I found a couple of settings that softened the overall look.

As you can see in the lower portion of this module, under “presence”, I reduced the clarity quite a bit.

By reducing vibrance, the shades of colour lighten a little.

Reducing saturation I got an even softer, lighter look.


The image below shows the original image on the left and the adjusted image on the right.

It turned into a much sweeter, dreamier image, don’t you think?

Lightroom softening before and after

6 thoughts on “softness

  1. Hi Karen – I meant to write you before this to tell you how much I enjoy your photos and the tips that go along with them. I learn more from them, then the photography class I took at ACAD in Calgary a few months ago šŸ˜‰ And congratulations on your new granddaughter – she’s beautiful !


    1. Hi Gwen! Thanks for your kind words. I’m happy to know some tips have been helpful. I still have so much to learn. Our growing family gives us such pleasure! We treasure every moment we can interact with them whether in person or by video call.


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