Gooseberry Falls

Recently we did a road trip covering 4400 km. It took us completely around both Lake Superior and Lake Huron. It was part business, part pleasure. Of course I had my photo gear along but did not have the opportunities I had hoped for some photo shoots. One stop we specifically made was at Gooseberry Falls MN just north up Hwy 61 from Duluth MN. It had been more than 30 years since my last hike along the river there; so long ago, I had completely forgotten about it. We drive by that spot many times every year but had not taken any time for a very long time.

Okay, enough talk. Here are the falls just below the bridge on Hwy 61 this October.

Ah, aren’t they pretty! If any of you have been there, you might not recognize them like this. I’m certain they must usually be part of a raging, roaring river!
I was very happy to find them so gentle, so soft. Especially when I took note of the ravine and what the absence of water revealed!

Hold fast!


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