Fireweed – week 1

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been observing and photgraphing the stages of fireweed development. Also known as Great Willow-herb, it is one of the first plants to regenerate a burned area of forest.  It gently colours pink the shoulders of our highways through late summer into fall.   In the next few posts. I’ll be sharing the many changes this plant undergoes.

These images were captured in the last week of July. Pinkish-white spikes begin to appear from the greenery. Soft pink blossoms open from the bottom up.

3 thoughts on “Fireweed – week 1

  1. I’ve never eaten it either but u can use it for all kinds of different things. It’s also a healing plant. I love my herbs and healing plants so I looked it up when I moved here and didn’t have any idea on what it was. U can eat the young leaves like spinach and also the young shoots. the flowers are apparently good in salads. young stems can be peeled and eaten like asparagus. They are full of vitamin A and C.
    A tea made from the young leaves is good for an upset stomach and is also used for minor burns, cuts, rashes, or irritated skin. No wonder there is so much of it 😉 what an awesome little plant !!!


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