Don’t you love happy endings!  This week we had a few anxious days as some of our outpost guests went missing.  Brad shares the story on our business blog. My part was monitoring the phone and aircraft radio while the Otter and Beaver were in the air.  I was also tracking the flights of the plane on the computer. Our SPOT gps units (new this year) send signals every 10 minutes and pinpoint the track on a google map.  Preprogrammed messages for ‘send help; life and death’, ‘need assistance’ and ‘ok’ can be sent to designated emails with the push of a button.  I could hear on the radio that the family had been sighted and the Beaver was going to land at their location.  Anxiously I awaited word of the condition of the misplaced anglers.

What a relief to see that “OK” message.  The anglers had taken a wrong turn when headed back to the cabin and drove until they ran out of gas.  After two nights’s sleep under the stars, they simply wanted to shower, eat and head out fishing again!

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