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We have experienced relatively light snowfall amounts over the past few winters. This year snows came abundantly and often. It has been a while since we had such accumulation. This seems to make winter last longer. So although the calendar tells us it is spring, our environment is still buried in the white stuff. ┬áThis makes ‘off trail’ snowshoeing a challenge. When I spotted a scene I wanted to capture with my big camera, I had to track through almost knee deep snow to get there.

snowshoe trailWhat had caught my eye in this mature spruce forest of stark vertical lines was a single birch with branches accentuated by fresh snow. Do you see it peeking out in the photo above?

accented horizontal linesThe next time I was out that way (a few days later) the snow had fallen off. Except for the deep path, I would not have been able to find that lonely birch!



happy heart day

snowshoe track heart
My Heart is happiest when spending time with the most special people in my life! ­čśë

December 2012

Is there a more beautifully decorated environment than the natural one?!free desktop calendar december 2012For my aviation friends, the aircraft calendar can be found here along with screen resolutions for both images.

Focus of attention

My regular photo shoot companion, our 9 year old chocolate Lab, Lindor, is usually content to amuse himself while I examine the surroundings through the lense of my camera. Every now and then, tho’, he makes note of the direction I’ve aimed the camera and casually moves across my view! This day, I was looking to capture the pussy willow look of snow on the tag alders and willows when there he was! Silly dog.

Evergreen and white

A gentle fall of granular snow highlights the differences between coniferous trees.

snow on spruce bough

jack pine
red pine